Potion Ingredient Match GamePlay:

Are you curious about how a witch brew a potion? Potion Ingredient Match at Friv Games puzzle 2020 will give you a chance to live the life of a witch. You are a newbie and your goal is to brew a magical potion with various ingredients. Unfortunately, some important ingredients are not available in your house. You have to collect them. This is the latest match-2 puzzle game that promises to brings you a new experience of puzzle game.

Instead of matching more than 3 identical items to collect them like in other match-3 puzzle games, you will find 2 of the same ingredients and put them in each half of the cauldron. Of course, it’s just simple like that. All games out there will challenge you with different challenges and this game is no exception. You have to collect all ingredients within a given amount of time.

On https://friv.land/, time is short. So, you have to take action quickly and accurately. Find the wrong pair of ingredients is time-consuming. It’s better to find the right pair each time. Pass the current level and you will move to the next level. As you advance, the game becomes a little bit more challenging as you have to collect more ingredients for your potion. Many new ingredients appear and mix. You also need time to separate them apart to take out the same ingredients easier.

Once you play this game, you’re not only attracted by its fun gameplay but also its amazing graphics. Its style of design looks great for everyone. Try to pass as many levels as you can and have fun while brewing your potion. After that, make sure you discover other games such as Vex 5 and Pacrat.


Use your mouse to pair 2 of the same items.

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