Vex 5 GamePlay:

Vex 5 is the fifth installment of the famous Vex series. Have you ever played any installments of this series before? If you haven’t played any versions yet, don’t worry. Basically, they don’t link to each other so you can start with this version at Friv Land. Shall we start? This is a platformer game, an insanely challenging one. Before starting your adventure, you have to learn how to accept failure because this is something you deal with quite often.

Just don’t give up if you want to conquer this game. Fall, stand up, and learn from the previous failure to get better performance next time and you will go further in your journey. You will enter a maze or a dungeon or something like that and you have to pass tons of spikes, spinning blades, and so on. These obstacles will take your life in a second if you don’t take action carefully.

On https://friv.land/, if you fail, you don’t have to start once again from the starting point. You will respawn at the latest checkpoint. The death scene is quite terrifying, so try your best not to let it happen. It can be a harrowing experience but you will get familiar with it after a few time playings. It’s hard but once you go through some obstacles, you may feel like you get a big achievement. Take your time and unlock new levels.

New stages, new challenges, and new achievements are waiting for you to explore and conquer. Let’s see how can you master this game. Good luck and don’t forget many games are available for free on our site. So check them out whenever you want. Some of the best choices are Pacrat and Snail Bob 7.


Use Arrow keys to master the toughest challenges.