Princess Parkour GamePlay:

Rapunzel is famous for her long blonde hair. Everyone knows that. It’s your chance to become Rapunzel and has such a long hair like her. Do you want to try it? Jump into Princess Parkour at frivcom 2 game and explore what you will have to do to get there. Well, on the runway, you run towards hair and collect as much hair as you can to grow your hair. The more hair you collect, the longer your hair grows.

However, make sure you collect the hair that has the same color as your original hair. If you collect the one that has different color, your hair will be dyed with that color instead of growing longer. That’s why to have such a long hair as Rapunzel, you need to collect as much hair as you can of the same color. Of course, the gameplay is not just simple like that. You will deal with a lot of obstacles and traps that will cut your hair if you crash into them.

So to protect your hair in this Frivland game, you must avoid obstacles while focusing on collecting hair. Something more interesting awaits you at the end of the runway. So what is it? When you reach the end, you will lay down and your hair will be let down freely. It will reach a level of point. The level of points you gain depends on your hair length. It means the longer your hair, the more points you get.

Let’s see what is the highest multiple of points that you can reach. Is your hair longer or shorter than Rapunzel’s hair? Check it out! Don’t forget to play other games such as  and Jump Diamond.

Controls: Mouse.

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