Jump Diamond GamePlay:

Diamonds in most games play as the currency to buy items, upgrade weapons or unlock new characters. Normally, players want to collect as many diamonds as possible. However, in Jump Diamond at frivcom 2022, instead of collecting diamonds, your main objective here is to jump and step on as many diamonds as you can to earn the highest points possible. Tons of diamonds will appear and dance on the screen. They go up and go down non-stop.

You have to time your jump to make sure that you can land on them without hitting them from the left, right, or below them. Otherwise, you lose one life. you have 4 lives in total each time you start the game and there is no extra life to collect during the game. You’re easy to lose your life because as you can see what happened on the screen, tons of diamonds are jumping around. It’s insanely hard to avoid crashing into them.

Besides, as you advance, the moving speed of those diamonds increases just like in other games at https://friv.land/. How can you handle them? Jumping around is a must but sometimes, you can stay still to rest. The game doesn’t require you to reach a milestone of points within a certain amount of time. The game just ends when you lose all 4 lives. It has simple but hard-to-master gameplay, right? And the number of points you earn depends on your luck and your skills.

You can challenge your friends or family to find out the best diamond jumper. You always know that you never had a bad time here, don’t you? That’s because a huge game collection is waiting for you to explore and here are some of them Huggy Wuggy Coloring and Save The Sausage Man.

Instructions: Mouse.

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