Rainbow Monster Playtime 3D GamePlay:

Rainbow Monster Playtime 3D is an interesting combination of the horror game and room escaping game at https://friv.land/ in which you have to clear a mission before someone hiding in the darkness finds you to escape from a horrifying room. The game doesn’t require you to clear that mission within a given time. However, you have to finish as fast as you can. Otherwise, the rainbow monster who is hiding in the darkness will jump out and catch you.

You must clear a different mission each time you restart the game. And each mission consists of 2 tasks. You have to move around quickly to collect the required items. You don’t have anything to defend yourself. You have no weapons, no special items, and so on. The only way to keep your life safe is to clear the mission as fast as possible. Here at friv land, this is one of the challenging games that test your intelligence and reaction.

Seek for needed items in every corner of the room. The room looks empty but it’s not. Try to look around carefully. Don't miss any inch of land because if you do that, you will miss something important. Then, you can’t meet the requirement of the game and it means you have to restart the game.

It’s not the same each time you restart the game. That’s why you should play it several times to enjoy different experiences. Good luck to you and stay tuned for new additions coming every day. Undoubtedly, you will always find something new to play on our site. No matter what genre of game you are looking for, you can find several options to play. Here are some options for you Kick The Dummy and Weee....

How to play:

WASD to move, Slide to rotate the camera, Shift to run, and Space to jump.