Weee... GamePlay:

Weee…. is a fabulous endless runner game that you can enjoy at friv Games online free where you will make friends with a group of cute aliens. Your main objective is to gather 8 aliens and lead them to go through every obstacle and trap along the way. You start with Blue alien and while running forward, you will meet other aliens. Yes, it’s an endless runner game but it doesn’t like other games of the same genre.

Instead of controlling only one character to move to the left and the right to avoid obstacles and collect coins, you will control 8 different aliens with 8 different keys on the keyboard, of course in the case where you can gather all of them. The more aliens you meet, the harder it is to play because controlling several characters with different keys at the same time is not easy. If you miss one or two keys, the characters equivalent to that key will be left behind.

However, don’t worry if you leave one or two aliens behind while running because you will meet them again later on. At https://friv.land/, as long as an alien still survives, the game continues. The game ends when you can’t save any aliens. You can hardly find a game as unique and interesting as this game sure and once you play it, you hardly leave the game. It’s not only beautiful in terms of design but also great in gameplay.

It’s all about jumping over the obstacles and enemies but it gives you a rare enjoyable experience. Play it and you will know the reason why. Besides this option, here are 2 exciting games that you should try out: Pet Subway Surfeurs and Tronbot.

Controls: Purple alien - S, Pink alien - D, Red alien - F, Orange alien - G, Yellow alien - H, Green alien - J, Emerald green alien - K, Blue alien – L.

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