Rapunzel And Anna Pink Style GamePlay:

Girls are surely absorbed in Rapunzel And Anna Pink Style of Friv.land. What is your favorite color? Two Disney princesses love pink. It is cute popular color. They are excited to get dressed in pink. Rapunzel And Anna Pink Style game uplifts players in fviv. Cloth items and accessories are pink. Pink rules the world.


Rapunzel And Anna Pink Style free game is a funny girl game. It‘s like a piece of cake to play this game. Rapunzel and Anna are close friends. They often have small talks about fashion. Rapunzel has an excellent idea about clothes. She wants to try pink clothes. Anna also thinks that is a good thought. Let’s see if they are suitable for pink color at fviv games.


Anna will make up. She uses lipstick and eyeshadow. Lipstick has red, pink, violet and orange color. Draw patterns. You can combine two or three colors to have a perfect pattern. Apply blusher on her cheek. There are many tones of pink to choose. Pick a color to apply lens. She will look unique with special lens’ color. Rapunzel puts a makeup on her face.


On fviv online games, Anna will pick a hairstyle from short hair, long straight hair, curly long hair, tied hair, and bun. The hair’s main color is pink. It is ombre hair which is a combination of pink, violet and yellow. She will wear a round neck sleeveless shirt, a sleeveless dress, a strapped dress and so on. There are a bunch of dresses. They all are pink and have various designs. Continue to choose high heels, earrings, and a necklace. Rapunzel dresses up now.


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How to play:

  • Use the mouse to play.


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