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Hang around Friv.land and prove your ingenuity in Popstar Sneaker Designer.  You are gleeful while dressing up. Are you curious about the fitting room of a singer? You work as a sneaker designer making modish shoes. Popstar Sneaker Designer game brightens players up at frizz games online. What about adorning sneakers?


Popstar Sneaker Designer free game is a single-player game for girls. Do you know Ariana Grande? She is a popular singer nowadays. She is attending an important event. The pop star wants to wear a pair of shoes which are unique and one of a kind. Could you help her on frizz games online player? What do you have to do to produce footwear?


You paint a sneaker. We have more 20 colors to paint. They are ivory, beige, wheat, khaki, golden, coral, salmon, hot pink, fuchsia, lavender, plum, indigo, maroon, crimson, charcoal, navy blue, royal blue, azure, pea, olive, lime, teal, cyan, aquamarine, and magenta. Of course, there are basic colors. Use color tubes and a paintbrush to color the sneaker. You paint as you like in frizz games online free. You can paint each part with one color or use one color to paint many parts. Make a colorful sneaker.


You don’t change shape or size of the footwear item. You just decorate it. Use knots and stickers. Knots all are pink and have many designs. Stickers are pink too. They are in shape of lollipop, star, heart, cloverleaf, butterfly, tiara, snowflake, and flower. You can draw white patterns on the sneaker. Patterns of frizz games online for girls are waves, dots, and small hearts.


The singer has a new hairstyle. All styles are long hair, but color changes. She can wear a cat-ear mane, sunglasses, gold bracelet, pearl necklace, starfish-like earrings and brown bag. She will dress up. There is a black tank top, red polka dot tank top, a blue strapped shirt, vests, jeans, long floral skirt, white dress, pink dress, and yellow dress with gold lame.


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How to play:

  • Use the mouse to play.
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