Red Ball 2 GamePlay:

Red Ball 2 is a cool and fun-addicting puzzle game with simple gameplay but it will keep you playing until the last level. Your mission is simple and straightforward, just lead the red ball to the final spot. The game features 28 levels with the increasing difficulty level. At play game friv, at each level, you must use the objects to help the ball come to its home.

The game board likes a maze that you have to find the best way to release the red ball. You have to think first before taking action because, with a single mistake, you lose. You only move the next level if you complete the current one. The game doesn’t offer limited time or move, you spend some time to observe carefully and launch the ball. In this exciting point and click puzzle game, you just need to click or tap on the different shapes to change its direction.

When you satisfy with the path you have created, you click to Go and the ball will leave its current position and move to the finish. On http://friv.land, you can’t change your option after launching the ball. If your chosen is wrong, the only way to correct the mistake is to play that level from the beginning.

Play and you will love it. 28 levels seem to be too many but you actually don’t have to spend much time playing. It’s just a perfect way to entertain in the short break. If it’s not enough for you, then play other choices such as My Country Life and Adam and Eve: Cut the Ropes.

How to play: Click or tap to play.

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