Rider 2 GamePlay:

Rider 2 is an awesome racing game that you haven’t played before. Don’t like any racing games out there, the game features endless racing track and some cool bikes designed with the neon futuristic look. Feel the thrill of the speed, fascinating racing track and the engine sound at friv racing games like never before. It likes a combination of endless runner and racing game as you don’t race against other racers and don’t conquer several levels but drive your bike endlessly in a never-ending road.

Sound simple and bored, but you will hook in after a few minutes because it’s both challenging and entertaining. You will find it hard to overcome the ramps and stunts while keeping balancing. Yes, keeping balancing is the most important factor to beat the game. You must avoid landing upside down and falling down the gaps or crashing into dangerous traps along the way. If you meet one of these situations, your bike explodes immediately. This means you have to play from the beginning. On http://friv.land/, another mission that you should care about is to collect coins. These coins are used to purchase the new cool bikes in the store.

Control your speed wisely to go further. Your score not only depends on the distance you go but also the flips or stunts you perform. To get more points, you safely perform some awesome tricks. Know when to speed and when to slow is also important. If you fail, don’t give up. Let’s play several times and you will become a professional rider. Enjoy more racing games on our site. Every day, there are always some new games added. Give Atv Quad Moto Racing and Cars Simulator a try.

How to play: Use your mouse to control your bike.

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