Carboom .io GamePlay:

Join the fun with Carboom.io, a new racing game from Friv online! Since this is another io game, most of the features of Carboom .io are the same. However, there will be lots of twists and new challenges so that you can have fun with it! The players of this game will be competing against many online players from all around the world on the same map.

The map is big and full of obstacles and dangerous enemies. In order to be the last player standing, you need to drive your car to the required destination. Just use your trusty green car to drive around! While driving in this game at frivland you also need to drift the car to avoid any blocks, rocks and shapes along the way.

These obstacles tend to appear randomly, but you can learn to predict the pattern and avoid them. Moreover, the enemies will chase after you and they will try to shoot you down, so be prepared for it! This is the kind of game which will test your abilities to react and think as quickly as possible to stay alive. Another tip for you is that you should continue to increase your speed to outrun the enemies. Only by being a daredevil will you be able to break free from their pursuit.

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How to play: control the direction of the car and shoot using the left mouse.

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