Rocket Punch 2 Online GamePlay:

Rocket Punch 2 Online is a cool combination of puzzle game and action game in which you use your punch to knock down every single enemy standing far away from you. Here at Friv Land, you control a stickman who has an elastic hand with powerful punches. The game requires you to kill all enemies in each level with a maximum of 3 punches. Use less punch to earn 3 stars in all levels.

You need at least 1 star to move to the next level. A special feature is that you can draw the trajectory of the rocket fists to hit enemies. Sometimes, you don't need to punch your enemies directly. Instead, you hit the walls or giant rocks and make them help you kill enemies. Walls and rocks seem to be your obstacles but if you find out how to take full advantage of them, you can use them to eliminate the ones you want.

On https://friv.land/, you hardly find any games like this one where you can throw punches, even when you stay far from them. It means you don’t have to approach them closely to hit them. By the way, you can’t do it. The challenging level won’t be the same. Get ready to handle unexpected situations.

Besides, enemies will apply some tricks to protect themselves and block your punches. You’re better to look around to find the best way to reach your ultimate goal. Launch your rocket punches and teach your enemies a lesson that they never want to learn again. Enjoy your time here and don’t forget to explore more amazing games on our site such as Bomb Prank and Archer vs Zombies Among As.

Controls: Use your mouse to punch.

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