Bomb Prank GamePlay:

Are you looking for a simple but fun game? There's no shortage of games that meet that criterion at Friv Land and Bomb Prank is one of them. Like its name, there are a prankster and a bomb. It’s about eliminating one player from the match to move to the next round by using the bomb. You won’t throw the bomb on anyone activate them bomb to blow up other players.

You and some players enter a match and the bomb will be given to one of you randomly. If you hold the bomb, you have to chase one of the other players and pass the bomb to her or him as fast as possible. If you hold the bombs for too long, it will blow up and you are a loser.

On https://friv.land/, if you can pass that bomb to anyone else, make sure you stay away from him or her. The bomb will be in your hand right away the bomb holder come close to you. This hot dangerous thing is automatically activated when someone holds it for too long. 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, time countdown begins and boom, one of you will be eliminated. At the time, the match ends and the new match begins. As one of the winners, you are rewarded with coins. Then you can use coins to unlock new skins for your character.

Of course, like many games out there, these skins won’t bring to you anything special. It just changes your character’s look. That’s all about this game. Basically, you chase other players and escape from them. Have fun and enjoy more cool games such as Archer vs Zombies Among As and Team Kaboom.

How to play: Run by using your mouse.

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