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It’s unfair if you don’t know about Ninja Action of Friv.land. It is a one-player fascinating game. Leap through time and back the period of secret warriors. You take a role of a skillful ninja. Running and jumping are not simple. Accomplish mission of getting coins at friv3. Players dive into Ninja Action game.


Ninja Action free game is a jumping game. The critical factor is that you make jumps at the right time. The height of jumps is not important. You cannot regulate their height. You are a ninja in black. You will run and jump. The special thing is that the ninja can run on upside down the ground. You must survive and collect coins on friv3 games. You are running on the ground. You see a big hole, then you jump and land the upside down the ground.  You continue to run and jump if you meet holes.


You will die if you fall down into holes or bump into walls. You had better calculate when you jump. If you jump too early, you will crash into walls and lose your only life. Be careful! Get more coins to earn more points. You can collect magnets or speed up. If you lose the game, you can replay at friv3 online games. The game saved your existing score and best score.


The structure of grounds is complicated, so you must focus on moving. There are many stairs and columns. To avoid columns, you make jumps. This game requires fast reactions and concentration. Enjoy jovial moments and try to help the ninja.


Let us know your opinions about this game at https://friv.land/. If you have a fondness for it, rate it highly and introduce it to friends. Search for similar games like Ninja Rise Up Online and Jump Ninja Hero.



  • Use the mouse to play.


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