Run Dino GamePlay:

When there is no internet connection, have you ever played an offline game about a T-rex running through the desert on your web browser? A colorful version of that popular game is available at https://friv.land/. Its name is Run Dino. The gameplay is the same. The main difference between them is that it brings you to a colorful world instead of the white and black one. Here, your ultimate objective is to run as far as possible through North America without stopping and hitting any obstacles on the way.

Dino runs forwards and it can’t control itself. That’s why it wants you to join it in this endless running adventure. This is a super fun game that everyone can play, even kids. You just need to time your action to make the dino jump over the obstacles or slide under them. As long as it passes the obstacles successfully, the journey keeps going on. However, if the dino hits a bat, a bird, or crashes into a cactus, it dies and you guys will be back to the starting line.

One more difference between this one and the original one is that this friv school game features special eggs that can be used for respawning if you fail to avoid an obstacle. Like other endless runner games out there, it’s about how fast you can react to the obstacles. You have to stay focused to jump or slide accordingly to avoid crashing into something like rocks, cactuses, flying Pterodactyls, and so on. Let’s see how long you and your T-Rex can run. Set a record each time you play, then break it with a new achievement later.

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Instructions: Up and down arrow keys or mouse.

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