Run Royale 3D GamePlay:

Run Royale 3D is a fun and slow-paced game about jogging. Yes, its name has the word "run" but you won't run here. You participate in a jogging competition that is insanely unique and different from what you already know. Here at Friv puzzle games, you compete against many competitors. In each level, the jogging track is straight but it's divided into several parts by several walls. These walls have several doors. However, not every door can't be pushed to open.

In this competition, you not only need to apply some wise strategies to pass your competitors but also need a little bit of luck to reach your goal. It means if you are lucky enough, you will choose the right door and go through the wall and keep moving forward. However, if you move toward the door that can't be pushed, you lose some seconds to choose another one. A second is also precious in this game. It can decide your rank.

On https://friv.land/, you can follow your competitors who have already chosen the right door to go but it means you are behind them and you will be hard-pressed to break out to get ahead. But don't worry if your rank is too slow after a race. You don't have to play that level once again but move to the next round immediately. Those characters slowly move forward is hilarious and fun to watch. You can’t boost your character’s speed and don’t have any power-ups to do that.

To win the race, it depends on your luck and the fortunes of others. You will find a lot of fun here. Besides, don’t forget to check out other cool games on our site such as Roof Rails .


Use your mouse to control your character.

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