Tour Of The Santa Claus GamePlay:

This is the busiest moment of Santa Clause in the year. He is busy preparing gifts and giving them to children around the world. Are you curious about what he is going and where he is going? Have a look at Tour Of The Santas Claus at…. to find the answer. However, the answer is not available there for you. You have to spend time and effort to reveal it. Here, you make it by building each picture about Santa Claus and his deers from 9 small pieces. Its gameplay is similar to a jigsaw game. 30 levels are 30 pictures and those pictures are divided into 9 small pieces.

All you need to do is to drag each piece from the left part of the screen and drop it to the right position in the right part of the screen until a complete picture appears. The biggest difference of this game when comparing to the classic jigsaw puzzle game is that it requires you to finish a stage within 15 moves. Yes, you just have 15 moves to solve each puzzle on https://friv.land/. If you run out of move but the picture is incomplete, you have to start once again. Unlock 30 levels with an increase in difficulty. Look at the 9 pieces and try to visualize the picture that you will assemble. It makes it easy to build the picture.

Besides, focus on the detail and connect the pieces that have details related to each other. By doing that, each picture will reveal and you will know what Santa Clause is going to do. Have fun and try other games like Adam and Eve Crossy River and Krismas Tiles.


Drag and drop each piece with your mouse.

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