Santa Winter Head Soccer GamePlay:

Santa Claus is very busy preparing Christmas gifts. He needs to deliver Christmas gifts to kids all over the world. However, he still has some free time to relax and at the moment, he decides to play soccer with an elf. Here in Santa Winter Head Soccer at Friv games, you will become Santa’s assistant. Your main objective is to help Santa win the elf. 1v1 soccer match is going to start. Let’s get ready to win.

A match lasts 90 seconds and each team has only one player. You control Santa Claus and the Christmas elf is controlled by CPU. You won’t kick the ball and shoot it to the goal here. Instead, you use your head. Its gameplay is kind of mix between soccer and volleyball. The unique feature is that you use your head. Besides, the soccer ball is replaced by a gift.

To get one point, you have to make sure that the elf can’t catch the gift that you throw to him. To prevent your opponent get any score, you have to catch the gift and send it to another side of the field. It’s totally different from other soccer games at https://friv.land/, isn’t it? After 90 seconds, the player who has more points is the winner. Remember that if you fail to catch the gift, your opponent earns one point. You should find out how to use force to pull the gift towards your opponent.

Besides, when your opponent is standing near the net, let’s send the gift to the end of the field. When your opponent is standing at the end of the field, you should let the gift drop near the net of your opponent’s side. Have fun and enjoy other games such as Ski Challenge 3D and Home Run Master

Instructions: Left and right arrow keys to play.