Home Run Master GamePlay:

Home Run Master is an interesting baseball game about home runs. It’s a simple version of baseball in real life where your ultimate goal is to hit as many home runs as possible like other sports games at friv school Games to play. However, you have to reach that goal within one minute plus the extra time that you earn during the match. Each time you hit a home run or 440 or longer, you earn extra 10 seconds. So how can you hit the ball accurately?

Well, you will see a target circle on the screen. You move that target circle on the strike zone and when the ball is in that circle, you swing your bat to hit the ball. You need to practice knowing how to use that circle well and take action at the right time when the ball is in that circle. It’s always easier said than done. You may don’t get any hit in several matches.

However, don’t give up too soon. You always know that practice makes perfect, don’t you? If you have played several games at https://friv.land/, you can put this game in the top easiest games to play but hardest games to master. The control and gameplay are easy but setting a record in terms of scores is a big challenge and not everyone can conquer a high score.

Sometimes, getting a score depends on luck and randomness. You can’t guarantee that each time you swing your bat, you get one score. Play for a long time and you will get experience and improve your skills. Enjoy it and start other challenges in other games such as Battle Soccer Arena and Shoot and goal.

Controls: Mouse to move the target circle and left click to swing the bat.

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