Shortcut Run GamePlay:

Shortcut Run is a fun and competitive racing game. It’s simple but with a twist. You won’t run in a straight path. The main path branches out separate paths. That creates the uniqueness of this game. Here at Friv Land, there is not only one way to the finish line. You can hit the finish line with many different paths. It is important to know how to choose the right path. To leave other runners behind, you can build your path which is called a shortcut. Each shortcut plays as a bridge.

To build these shortcuts, you have to collect floorboards all the time. Get as many floorboards as possible. Don’t stop doing that because floorboards are never enough. You will speed up when you run on the shortcuts. Then, shortcuts not only cut the corners but also boosts your speed. You can run on other runners' shortcuts as well.

On https://friv.land/, when you move out of the path, the shortcut is automatically built. The game has very easy controls, but if you make a slight mistake in the controls, your character will go in the wrong direction, plunge into the sea without land. In this situation, when all floorboards are used to build the current shortcut, you fall in the water and you lose.

Also, you will jump when you run out of shortcuts. This jump covers a decent chunk of ground. It can save you from the situation in which you build a shortcut that is not long enough. You’re better not to rely on it unless you are 100% sure that it works. Good luck and make sure you have a look at other amazing games such as Nifty Hoopers and Tennis Masters.

How to play:

Use your mouse to run.

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