Sky Roller Online GamePlay:

Here in Sky Roller Online at friv 4 school, you control a skater who has to overcome a series of obstacles. It looks simple but you are amazed by its difficulty. So let’s go deep into the gameplay. All you need is to stretch and close your legs at the right time to keep you safe. Control the open range of your legs is important and if you are good at this, you can do everything. Make sure you collect diamonds on the way.

Later on, you can use them to unlock new skins. Also, You have only one life at each level so if you make even a small mistake, you lose. That means you have to play that level once again. There are many levels here and the difficulty increases as you level up. So make sure you are always ready to deal with them. On http://friv.land/, you never feel bored because you have so many options to play.

However, if this game keeps you hooked, then you can’t play another one until you finish all levels here. Simple control but you must take action accurately. You just need to stretch and close your left to go through a narrow path or something like that. Of course, it doesn’t simple like that. Many challenging obstacles are waiting for you ahead.

You just need a little bit of patience and attention to conquer these challenges and you can enjoy the excitement of winning and success. Everything is possible and nothing can stop you if you are patient enough. After you unlock all levels here why don’t you test yourself with other ones such as Clash of Orcs and Hop Ballz 3D.

Controls: Use your mouse to play.

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