Speed Ball GamePlay:

Run on the endless road while experiencing the highest speed with Speed Ball kid game at friv! This is a unique ball running game which has the best 3D graphics and design. The visual of this game will satisfy all the players. Like any running game, the game comes with an endless path.

The game only ends when you hit an obstacle. You will take control of a huge ball in this game and it's very important to avoid the blue boxes on your path. The boxes will pop up randomly and unexpectedly, therefore, you need to stay focus throughout the whole game. The best player is the one who can survive the longest. While the ball is moving at a very high speed, be prepared to collect the scattered coins. These coins can be used to unlock new colors for the ball and to take another adventure. Not only do you need to steer clear of the boxes but you also need to aim precisely to roll the ball through the coins. It's all about the precision and reflex in this Friv game for kids! Your total number of coins is on the top of the game screen.

This feature allows the players to keep track of the progress more easily. Keep rolling the ball for as long as possible, then try out some other games like this such as Dunk Hit  & Two Dots at http://friv.land/! Will you be able to break the record?

Instructions: Use the left and right arrow keys to change the direction and up arrow to increase the speed.

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