Dunk Hit GamePlay:

Dunk Hit is a brand new basketball arcade game which has a fun gameplay and smooth graphics. Just like the name of this Friv game, your ultimate goal is to shoot as many basketballs as you can into the basket. However, it's not that easy due to the complicated gameplay. Don't worry because the game comes with a detailed tutorial to help you out.


When you first enter the game, you will see that there are two different baskets in the match. As you click on the game screen, the ball will bounce up using the fire effect. The more you click, the higher the ball bounces. You need to keep on making it bounce up until it falls into one basket. After you successfully make one dunk, the ball will automatically drop down and move towards the opposite basket.


You will have to continue with the same motion and try to keep up the work. However, the tough part of this game is that there is a time limit for each dunk. If you fail to drop the ball into the basket within the limited time, the game is over.


This game requires flexibility, the skillful movement and good management of the time. All you have to remember is not to panic. If you manage to dunk the ball perfectly, you will see the ball with fire. Let's start the game at http://friv.land/. More and more basketball games are available for free like Dunk Line and Dunk Ball



Click on the game screen to make the ball bounce.