Sponge Bob Saves The Day GamePlay:

Many new games are added to our site each day. With the existing ones and the latest ones, all players around the world have so many different choices to spend time on and enjoy a great moment here. Sponge Bob is back in the latest game at friv 4 game called Sponge Bob Saves The Day.  If you love this cartoon character, you can’t miss this game. This is a kind of puzzle game in which you help Sponge Bob look for some items for his friends. Visiting all the friends and helping them have a great day is what Sponge Bob does today.

He spends a day of the year to do good things like helping people. Are you willing to help him? He has made a to-do list. You along with him visit Patrick first, then Squidward, and more. Each friend of him requires you to find some certain items or finish a certain task for them.

On play friv try to fulfill all of the tasks and earn a reward from each friend. Go around to find the item they need, tap and drag items to the cart and solve the puzzles. This game is fun and easy to play. It suits all ages, from kids to adults. This game will educate children to help people around and do good things. After finishing all the puzzles, you can challenge yourself with other puzzles in other games available on our site. All of them surely brings you great experience and an enjoyable moment. The great games that you should play first are Adam And Eve 6 and Adam And Eve 6: Sleepwalker

Controls: Use your left-click or tap on the items.

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