Bob The Robber 4: Russia GamePlay:

Bob The Robber 4: Russia is about crime and an evil plan of a thief at Friv.land. You rob secret documents, collect money and run away. So many obstacles will prevent you from finding properties. You face and deal with challenges. Bob The Robber 4: Russia game of friv games is a test for your mettle.

Bob The Robber 4: Russia online game is played for free on our website. You are a bad guy developing an audacious plan in Russia. You shall rob the amounts of money in places in the city. You go to buildings and find out money. Each building has many rooms. You have to look for the main room. Guards and security staff appear in rooms. Cameras record your action on friv games 2018. You must fool them and overcome difficulties to get the precious assets. Seeking and escaping is very treacherous.

The game gives you guides and hints. For example, there is a tough guy. You cannot knock him out even with a stun gun. You should move fast so that those guards don’t catch you. If they see you, you will be arrested and lose the game. You may replay and start a new game. Because this is a puzzle game, you use intelligence to think about your moving steps in friv games online. Act cleverly and quickly. Finish the mission in the shortest time. Cheat guards, open locks, find passwords, run fast and seek the valuable things in rooms. Say to the world that you are a strong player.  

You can get gadgets and upgrade your tools by the money you earn. An advanced belt costs $15000. You use $700 to buy a master key which opens locked doors. An instant photo which deactivates security cameras is $1400. A box hiding bodies costs $1700. You can own a stun gun that stuns armored guards with $2000. You are even able to change costumes on friv games for free. Take off Bob’s classic robe and wear 3 outfits with different functions. An orange costume helps you to increase speed. It costs $1000. Another set of clothes which assists you to break locks easily costs $1100. Use $1200 to buy a costume helping to store more money in stashes. We record the time you play and the money you have.

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  • Use the mouse to steal.
  • Use arrows to move.
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