Bob The Robber 5 GamePlay:

Welcome to Bob The Robber 5 – an attractive and interesting puzzle game on Friv.land! Who has enough confidence and intelligence to solve every puzzle in Bob The Robber 4: Season 3 game online at friv com? Show off your talent through clever solutions in Bob The Robber 4: Season 3 game for free! 

Following the success of the previous versions, Bob The Robber series has brought to the audience a very enjoyable experience. Thanks to the support and love of the audience in the past, Bob The Robber 4: Season 3 at free friv games have been released to serve the needs of the audience. This game promises to bring a lot of fun and unique experience to the players. 

This second version has nothing more interesting than previous versions? Follow me and find the answer! As in previous versions, this is a fascinating and addictive puzzle game which requires the players many different skills to conquer each puzzle. You need a good view, an intelligent solution, and a quick response in every dangerous situation. Why do you need these skills? Because you will act like a thief. Haha! This will definitely be an enjoyable experience for you at friv 2
Haha! What is the task of the thief? Of course stealing, right? Your task is to break into different houses and steal high-value items.

In each house, valuables will be hidden in different locations. So you need to find and steal the items that are given in each request. However, to complete each task, you will have to go through many difficulties and challenges. 
First, you need to move quickly and accurately. Second, you need to find the shortest path to valuables. Third, you must defeat all enemies along the way such as doctors, butlers, guards, zombies and professional gunmen. For each enemy, you need a smart tactic to defeat the enemy. For zombies, for example, you can’t kill them, you can only cause them to lose consciousness in a short time, so you need to constantly attack and act fast. 

Use your talents to solve every puzzle and complete each mission as soon as possible. Are you ready to conquer all levels of this fascinating puzzle game at www friv.com 2? Don’t forget to play more with other puzzle games such as Robbers in Town, Money Movers 2 and Bob the Robber 4 

How to play? 

The players only need to use arrow keys to move, the mouse to aim.

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