Stair Race 3D GamePlay:

Stair Race 3D brings you to a fun and thrilling battle where you play 2 roles: a racer and a builder. Here at online friv Games, you have to race against other players to collect stair planks and build a stair as fast as you can. A stair leads you from this platform to the next platform. Your main objective is to build stairs faster than your opponents to reach the top first. The stair planks vary in colors and they are placed on the floor.

You run into those planks that have the same color as you, then build each stair to go to the higher platform and finally reach the top. A stair doesn't have to be made of planks of the same color as you. It is important to know that the final plank is the same color as yours. Sometimes, there is only one place to build a stair and you guys have to compete to build your own.

The race ends when a player reaches the top. One important thing you need to keep in mind in this cool game at https://friv.land/ is that the players who have more planks collected can run into their opponents to knock them over. By crashing into the one that has fewer planks than you, they will fall and lose all planks that you have collected. This brings you a huge advantage.

However, when you don’t have many planks, let’s stay away from those who have more planks than you and focus on collecting planks. You can move to the next level when you are the winner of the current level. Have a happy moment and don’t forget to explore other games such as Squid Game Stacky Maze and Squid Game Dalgona Candy.

Controls: Arrow keys or mouse to move.

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