Stick Girl GamePlay:

Simple but attractive, that is to talk about the latest game at https://friv.land/ called Stick Girl. This game can give you hours of entertainment as well as it can make you get furious and want to throw something nearby. Your aim here is to stretch the stick long enough for the girl to move from this platform to that platform. That can be annoying when the stick did not fall in the right place as you want. If you stretch the stick too long or too short, the girl will fall. The key is to measure the distance between two platforms as accurately as possible. You can use your finger or any tools, or even your eyes to do it. Of course, for a more accurate measurement, you can use a ruler to measure the distance. However, the gaming experience will be much more enjoyable when you don’t use any tools to measure. You will feel more accomplished when you achieve something on your own. Do you think so? Actually, there is no specific tip to master this Stick Girl game. However, keep practicing gives you a better chance to succeed. Playing the game over and over helps you get the feeling every time you determine the distance between the two platforms and stretch the stick to create the perfect bridge for the girl. How long can the girl go? It’s up to you and specifically, it depends on your luck. If you have played some versions of this game before, you will get used to its gameplay and controls in a blink. Enjoy your gaming time here and don’t forget that tons of fun games are waiting for you here. Some of them are Xmas Mahjong Tiles and Wugy HalloweenTower War.

Controls: Mouse.

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