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You are a happy bunny after playing Stickman Army: The Defenders in Friv.land. Imagine you are a military leader commanding a battalion. Attach waves rise up in a row. What should you do to win the battle? Stickman Army: The Defenders game is so engaging that you can’t give a cold shoulder to it on juegos friv games.


Stickman Army: The Defenders free game is so cool. You control stickmen to protect the building and the president. Enemies attack you continuously. You have to ask soldiers to terminate them. Enemies can walk, run or drive fly machine to come to you. Their weapons are diversified at juegos friv games online.


There are 40 levels and you have to finish them one by one. Your army is black stickmen and the enemies are red stickmen. You control defenders stopping opponents. Your enemies use different weapons such as the sword, gun, bomb, ax, and tank. At first, you have two soldiers who are a gunner and a landing assistant. If you want to have more soldiers in juegos friv games for school, you must get scores to own them. The game drops packages of money down to the ground. You click on to collect them.


When you have enough money, you can buy Mr. Bomber with $25, TNT Addict with $25, and Shielder with $50. You spend different amount of money to expand your army. To have a gunman, you use $100. You buy a landing assistant with $50 on juegos friv games player.  This game is a combination of strategy game and shooting game.


During levels, the challenges are different. The enemy shall change weapons and strategy. A bar shows the distance between your base and enemy army. The nearer they approach the base, the more danger you are in.


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  • Use the mouse to play.
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