Stickman Climber GamePlay:

Stickman Climber is a challenging yet enjoyable game about stickman at https://friv.land/. This time, our stickman plays an adventure game that not everyone dares to play. It is to slide down the zipline. Have you ever tried it before? Whether your answer is yes or no, here is your chance to slide down the longest zipline ever. However, how far the stickman can slide depends on you. The zipline is not seamless from start to finish.

It is divided into several parts. So, to slide down as far as possible, you have to jump over the gaps. In the beginning, the gaps are the only threat to your life. You just need to time your jump to pass each gap. If you jump at the wrong time, for example, jump too soon or too late, you will fall and have to restart the game. Later, when you slide further, you will face a lot of obstacles.

You will have to flip to avoid crashing into them. It’s the most challenging when you just pass the gap and meet an obstacle right after that. This friv games challenges your hand-eye coordination. You have to look ahead to get ready for what’s happening in front of you and your hand needs to be quick to take action. You don’t have to collect anything here.

The rule, the gameplay, and even the control mechanics are simple. You don’t need to spend much time getting used to those things. Click on the Play button and you can get into it right away. Play the game with your friends to find out who is the best player. Enjoy your spare time here and in other fun games such as Cat Chef vs Fruits 2-Player and Floppy Penguin.

How to play: Mouse.