Stickman Parkour GamePlay:

Sickman Parkour is a challenging game about running and jumping through a series of obstacles that are also called parkour. Do you want to try? Here at https://friv.land/, there is a total of 10 levels consisting of several stages and each stage requires you to collect a diamond to open the door and move on. The act of moving from this point to that point by overcoming all obstacles and barriers in the path is called parkour.

You have to run and jump your way through every single obstacle effectively. Hitting or falling into any obstacles leads to your death. You have to get the diamond because the diamond is used to open the door that leads you to the next stage. The key to this game is accuracy. You have to be accurate in every move you make. Otherwise, you can not keep your life. No limited time, no limited movement, and no power-ups, it’s up to your movement to finish each level.

There is no way to help you pass any obstacles or challenges at ease. When you are stuck somewhere, you have to find a way to free yourself if you don’t want to be there forever. This Friv Land game just has 10 levels. It seems like the game can be conquered after a few minutes but it will take so much time from you. You will need time to complete your mission for sure. There is a chance that you have to restart a level several times to finish it.

If you don’t believe it, just try and see whether it’s true or false. To become a master of parkour, you need to practice a lot. Enjoy your time and don’t forget to check out other games such as Stickman Supreme Shooter and Stickman Death Run.

How to play: AD or right/left arrow keys to move. W or up arrow keys to jump.

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