Stunt Santa GamePlay:

Christmas is here and you know what Santa Claus is doing right now, don’t you? He has finished preparing Christmas gifts and now, he is going to deliver gifts to kids all over the world. Are you ready to help Santa Claus? Enter Stunt Santa at https://friv.land/ and start the game now. It’s not a driving or racing game. It’s about helping Santa Claus ride his sleigh through all the hoops and collect every single gift at each level.

Ride the sleigh forwards and when you go through the yellow hoop, it means that level is complete. Yes, you have to meet 3 requirements to finish a level. Firstly, fly through all the hoops without crashing. Secondly, collect every single candy. Finally, pick up candies to feed your hungry Rudolph. If you think riding the sleigh is simple and easy, you’re wrong.

If you go straight ahead, then, it's too simple but here at friv games 2023, you have to go up and go down all the time to pick up gifts and candies. By doing that, you easily crash into the hoop and the mission fails. So, be careful when you ride your sleigh. Look ahead to be always well-prepared for the next obstacles. Same as other level-based games, as you advance, the challenge level increases.

However, the difference here is that you don’t have to finish the current level to unlock the next one. All levels are unlocked. You can choose to play any levels you want. That’s why this game suits all ages. If you want to play more games about Christmas, we have a lot of options for you to enjoy. Just check them out and wait for new additions. Have fun here and in other choices such as Dirt Bike Max Duel and Clash Road.

Controls: Left and right arrow keys.