Super Burger 2 GamePlay:

Who doesn’t love burgers? If you’re looking for something fun and tasty, Super Burger 2 is what you need. This game is about making burgers. At Friv Land, you may have played several cooking games but have you ever cooked a dish at a given time? Sometimes, you will welcome some impatient customers who want to make an order and have their food ready as fast as possible and your mission today is to make as many burgers as you can in a certain amount of time in World 1 and World 2.

Each world consists of 5 levels and you have to conquer 5 levels in the first world to unlock the new world. Besides, if you want to check your hands' speed, jump right into the Time Attack mode to find out how many burgers can you make in a limited time. On https://friv.land/, to complete each level, you have to make a burger with the right filling as ordered. You don’t have much time. You have to make use of your hand-eye coordination. Otherwise, you can’t reach the goal.

As you advance, more fillings are unlocked. This makes you confuse because you will have trouble finding the right fillings. Besides, you have to stack the fillings in the right order. Keep in mind that in all modes, you are racing against time. Time flies so fast while the game doesn’t offer a time bonus. It’s a real challenge for you and anyone who is a burger master. Your customers are waiting. There is no time to rest. Let’s start working and push the limit of your cooking skills.

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Controls: Click or tap to make burger.