Super Hitmasters Online GamePlay:

Another fun shooting game comes to you. its name is Super Hitmasters Online. Its gameplay is a combination of shooting games and puzzle games. Here at Friv online games, you have to shoot down all enemies in each level and find the best way to make it. You won’t aim and shoot like many FPS games. Your enemies standstill and so do you. The only thing moving is your gun. Your main mission is to defeat every single enemy with a certain amount of bullets.

Try to one shot one kill, so you can earn 3 stars on each level. Stars are used to unlock new stages. This game challenges your shooting skills in 40 levels and some bonus levels that appear randomly. Your enemy won’t shoot back but you can lose if you run out of bullet while an enemy still lives. You can’t reload your gun. However, you just need a least one star to move on.

On https://friv.land/, with each successful level, you’re rewarded with coins. You also earn coins from bonus levels. Then, you use coins to buy weapons and skins in the store. The game becomes trickier as you advance. It’s easy to kill each enemy with a shot like before. You have to make use of objects around you to reach your goal. Play a certain level several times is ok. If you can conquer every level with one try, you are a great player but it’s hard to be true. Play and you will know why.

Enjoy your time here and make sure you enjoy more games because so many new ones have added. Some of the best choices are Dead Red.

How to play:

Aim by using your mouse and shoot by using your left click.

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