Dead Red GamePlay:

Dead Red is a shooting game that combines with the survival element. The era of zombie come. People become weak. The undead gradually dominates the world but there is still hope because the remaining survivors are fighting in the hopes of destroying the zombies and bringing the world back to the way it was before and you are one of them.

At friv play Games, you are in a base and you are temporarily safe but it won’t last for long. Zombies come and try to turn you into them every time. You have to deal with hordes of zombies during the day and the night. You get a message telling you to try to hold out for 40 days and then you will be rescued. Will you survive to day 40? With 2 guns in your hands, let’s fight until the last breath.

This game has rich content and it keeps you hooked right from day 1. So, your main goal is to kill every single zombie approaching you by shooting at their head. Only shooting at the head can kill them. It’s not easy but you can make it and you have to make it if you want to survive longer. On https://friv.land/, you will find some survivors and take them to your base. Each survivor has a unique skill that helps you a lot in this surviving adventure.

Keep calm when you deal with zombies because if you shake your hands, you fail to shoot them. Go deeper into the game and you are sure to discover many awesome things. Go ahead and don’t forget to stop at some games such as Air Wolves.

How to play:

Mouse to aim and left click to shoot

R to reload

1 and 2 to change your guns

F to change to another fighting mode.

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