Super Jump GamePlay:

Super Jump is a challenging endless runner game with the concept of getting the highest score. This game can make you laugh, can help you relax or can make you get mad due to its easy to play but hard to master gameplay. Getting as many scores as you can is your main objective. It means your character must go as far as possible in this endless jumping journey, by jumping from this building to that building.

At friv games 2020, whether you get a high score or not, it doesn't depend on your skills, but your luck and feel. Estimate the distance between 2 platforms and pay attention to the height of each platform are important. This means you should make a stronger jump for a taller platform and jump lighter for a shorter one. You can jump high to jump over more than 1 platform at once to earn an extra.

However, this is dangerous because you are easy to fall than jumping over a platform each time. On http://friv.land/, practice makes perfect which is the best strategy you should apply in this game. Keep practicing to get the right feeling and adjust your strength of each jump more perfectly.

You have only one life but you can earn more lives during the journey. The gameplay is increasingly challenging over time and more obstacles will appear. You have to jump while avoiding these obstacles. Such a challenging mission! Test your luck and patience, then refresh yourself with other choices such as Mr BounceMaster and Robot Maker.

How to play: Press and hold your left click to jump and release to land.

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