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Jump To The Core is a strange journey to the center of the earth at Friv games free.  You are standing on the ground and decide to jump down to investigate the life in earth’s womb. What is challenging players in the subterranean land? Jump To The Core game has deadly ambushes and mythical creatures

You play in the underground world. There are many floors and you jump down to discover the core of the Earth. You just can jump down. You aren’t able to jump up. This is an adventure exploring the depth of our planet. Many dangerous things are waiting for you such as monsters, traps, and moving objects. A variety of animals live underground on friv 11 games. You will meet sheep, wolves, rabbits, and pangolins at the beginning. When you jump down more and more, you are going to see other animal species like weasels, wild boars, and big frogs. You encounter robots and zombies. If you crash into them, you will be injured and your health will reduce.

There are 2 bars: Strength bar and Health bar at friv 11 player games. When the health bar runs out of power, you will lose your life. The game ends, and you may replay to begin a new turn. Crashing into monsters, falling stones or traps weakens you. Falling rocks and wrecking balls are very perilous because you don’t know movement direction. Traps consist of sawmills and spike boards. They also decrease your power.      

You can get scores if you jump on animals in friv 11 online games. You gain different points depending on which species you kill. For instance, you get 5 points when murdering a sheep. You have 15 points after destroying a robot. Some bonuses such as fields and bottles of magic waters are on the way. Remember to take them to increase your strength.

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How to play:

  • Use the mouse to play.
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