Super Mario Physics GamePlay:

Super Mario Physics is an exciting physics-based puzzle game where you will meet Super Mario. Here at friv school Games to play, you won’t embark on a new adventure with him to collect coins, and mushrooms and rescue the princess but experience something different. You know that Super Mario always destroys the bricks to find mushrooms, don’t you? In this game, he doesn’t have to find it by himself because his favorite mushroom will find its way to Super Mario with your help.

You can turn that mushroom into a round mushroom or a square mushroom depending on what form of mushroom you need at that moment. In the round shape, the mushroom can roll and in the square shape, it will stop. You have to turn it into a square when you need to stop in front of an obstacle. And when that obstacle is deactivated, turn it into a ball to make it roll toward Super Mario. It sounds too simple, right? But it’s more challenging than you think.

You have to make use of the mushroom feature to reach your final goal at https://friv.land/. The first and the second or even the third level are simple and easy but the later levels are real challenges. More traps and deadly obstacles will appear to stop the mushroom from approaching Super Mario. Try hard to help them meet each other. A level ends when the mushroom is destroyed by any obstacles. A level is clear when the mushroom reaches Super Mario safe and sound.

This game offers 17 levels in total and maybe the 17th level is the most challenging one. Enjoy your time here and make sure you discover more games on our site. Some recommendations for you are Just Pull Pins and Run Fish Run

How to play: Mouse.

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