Just Pull Pins GamePlay:

A lot of puzzle games have pull-the-pin gameplay and all you need to do is to pull the right pin to reach a certain target that the game requires. Just Pull Pins is the latest puzzle game that you can enjoy for free at friv school Games to play. The game’s name tells you everything about it. Just pull the pins to solve 30 exciting and challenging puzzles.

Your main objective here is to fill the containers of the trucks with liquid that has the same color as the trucks. You make it by pulling the right pins in the right orders. For example, if the truck is red, you have to fill it with red liquid and if the truck is green, you have to fill it with green liquid. Some of the first levels are simple. You can easily solve them because there is only one truck or two trucks.

Besides, there are not many pins. You can find out the best order to pull the pin at a glance. However, later on at https://friv.land/, the puzzles become harder to solve since many trucks are waiting for liquid and there are so many pins there. It’s a challenge to figure out the solution. You need to observe to locate the first pin to pull. The first pin plays an important role because it will decide how you solve a pull-the-pin puzzle. Observe and think before you pull any pin.

Sometimes, when you pull a wrong pin, you can redo but sometimes, once you pull the pill, you can’t correct that mistake. Let’s see how much time you need to solve all 30 puzzles. Have fun here and in other games such as Run Fish Run and Crazy Office Slap Smash.

Controls: Mouse.

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