Police Chase Drifter GamePlay:

Police Chase Drifter brings you a challenging mission in which you have to run far away from police cars and collect enough money at each level. At Friv Land, you can find so many driving and racing games with different gameplay and this one is a must-play option if you love this genre. As mentioned before, your ultimate goal is to collect enough money that each level requires while being chased by police.

It's such a thrilling experience. You want to use your drifting skills to trap police cars and make them crash into each other. At that moment, their car will explode. However, it doesn't you are no longer being chased by police. More police cars will appear and try to catch you at all costs. Luckily, you don't have to finish your mission within a given time. Once you get enough money, that level is complete and you can move to the next level.

On https://friv.land/, keep moving and don't stop is the key to success. If you stop for a while, you're sure to get caught. Drift your car, make a turn and drive fast to leave police cars behind. Make sure you don't crash into obstacles many times. Otherwise, your car is also blown up. That's a bad result that you don't want to have for sure. Each level is a challenging mission and a fun and exciting race.

As you advance, you face more hard-to-deal situations but you will find joy from that. Good luck to you and don't bring yourself to jail. Enjoy your free time in other amazing games such as. Xtreme Moto Snow Bike Racing Game and Super SUV Driving.

Instructions: Arrow keys to play.

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