Super SUV Driving GamePlay:

You can guess what you’re gonna do in Super SUV Driving when you look at its name. If it’s not the whole thing, you must know a little bit about it. Here at Friv Land, if you look for a driving game, you can find many of them. Driving games vary in gameplay. Some require you to finish a certain mission such as going through some checkpoints, some put you in the thrilling races where you race against other players or AI.

This time, let’s just drive around without caring about anything else. Firstly, you choose your favorite car from several choices. After that, you are brought to an open city in which you’re free to do anything you want because it seems that just you and your car are here. You can’t find anyone else. The whole city is empty.

On https://friv.land/, let’s wander around with your car. No police will catch you when you violate traffic laws. There is no car on the street. There is no pedestrian. There is no mission as well. You can drive at the highest speed, crash into any obstacles without blowing up or lose HP. Just drive and drive. It’s kind of a boring game but if you just want to drive, this game is the best for you.

It’s also a great choice for you to practice driving for other racing games. It’s just like a place for you to practice. You don’t have to repair your car when you cause an accident or refuel at all. This game focuses on freedom. Have a great time here and enjoy more games such as GP Moto Racing 2 and Among Hill Climber if you want.

Instructions: Arrow keys to drive.

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