Super Wario Riders GamePlay:

Do you miss Super Mario and his friends, Toad, Luigi, and Toadette? Do you miss the colorful mushroom world? At Friv Land, Super Wario Riders give you a chance to visit these lovely characters and discover the mushroom world once again. Don’t hesitate anymore. Let’s start. Here, this game has some differences and similarities with the famous platformer Super Mario. You won’t completely control Super Mario because he will auto-run. What you do is to help him jump over a series of obstacles.

The scene will move along with him. So if he gets stuck, his journey ends and you have to start from the beginning. Your ultimate objective is to run as far as possible. You should want the next adventure to last longer than the previous one for sure. On https://friv.land/, if you’re good at timing, Super Mario can easily jump over metal spikes, gaps between platforms, carnivorous plants, enemies, and so on. You don’t have any weapons or special powers to destroy them. Then the only way to protect yourself from those threats is to jump over them.

Along the way, you also collect big pink stars, yellow stars, and coins to get more points. Breaking gold boxes, a signature feature of Super Mario also appears in this game. Just break the boxes whenever you see them discover what those boxes offer you. When you get enough money, you can unlock Super Mario’s friends such as Toad, Luigi, and Toadette to change Mario to one of them and keep your adventure continuing.

So many fun things are hidden in the game and by playing it, you can discover them all. After that, let’s have a look at other awesome games such as Whack the Dummy.

Controls: Tap or click to jump.

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