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Whack the Dummy is a cool beat'em up game designed with the intent of helping anyone feel frustrated and mad relieve and feel better. If you get mad at someone but you can't do anything, let's turn this ragdoll into them and beat it hard to relieve stress. At Friv Games, don't worry. No one knows what you are doing in this game and no one judges you. Feel free to punch, throw, shoot, smash, crash, slap, and explode this buddy ragdoll until you feel great.

Use all kinds of weapons to torture him and turn your anger into coins. Then, you use coins to buy new weapons to keep fun. This ragdoll smiles all the time. He won't feel hurt or something like that when you deal with him in that way because it's what he was designed for.

This game is a great choice that offers a great way to whack the dummy to relax. Do you have a bad day? Do you get scolded by your boss? Do you get mad at someone? Visit https://friv.land/ and play this awesome game and your emotions will return to normal. It doesn’t hurt anyone when you play a game for relieving your stress and anger. You don’t harm or hurt anyone. So, don’t be gentle. Use your strength and the power of weapons to blow this ragdoll up until you feel satisfied. This game is divided into levels.

So, when the process bar of the current levels reach 100%, you unlock the new stage and keep torturing the ragdoll by all means. Enjoy every moment here and don’t forget to check out other choices of games such as Adam And Eve Aliens and Magic Wood Lumberjack.


Use your left click to torture the ragdoll.

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