Super Wings GamePlay:

Super Wings is an enjoyable endless runner game that has the same gameplay with other options of the same genre in at….. However, it sets in a unique theme. You will meet Jett – a lovely jet who specializes in delivering packages to children around the world. Here, he won’t do what he always does.

Today, he will run around and have run. Your job is to help him run as far as possible and collect a huge amount of money. You move to the left, to the right, slide under and jump over the obstacles to avoid crashing into them and to collect coins. Make sure you always return the middle lane when you move to the left and right. This will help you get ready to take action. Timing your action is important.

For example, when you meet a barrier that requires you to slide under it, you have to slide at the right moment to pass that obstacle. If you take action too late or too soon, you will bump into it. On https://friv.land/, besides coins, you can collect some power-ups including Shield, 2x Coin, 2X Multiplier, and Coin Magnet. The effect of each item won’t last too long. So make use of them to survive longer and collect more coins.

With collected coins, you can upgrade Coin Magnet to increase the duration of the coin magnet powerup, Shield to increase the duration of shields, 2x Coin to double the coins you get, and 2x Multiplier to double the score you get. Have fun with Jett and play other games such as Toon Horizon Car Chase and Moto X3M 4.

Controls: Play with your mouse.

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