Moto X3M 4 GamePlay:

Racing and driving games are always the most played games at friv Games for boys because of the thrilling experience that they offer. Now, let’s welcome the latest moto driving game Moto X3M 4. You can’t guess what it brings to you because all are hidden and you have to discover by yourself. You start with the first level and you have to complete it to unlock the second one and so on. Each level doesn’t set a specific time in advance.

However, it sets 3 timelines corresponding to the number of stars you gain after each level. The faster you complete a track, the more stars you will get. You need at least one star to complete your mission. However, you need stars to buy new motorbikes. So try hard to get 3 stars in each level. The gameplay of this game is crazy and all the tracks are also crazy. You have to drive like a maniac to go through a series of obstacles to reach the finish line.

On https://friv.land/, bombs will explode behind you and spikes are everywhere. You have to drive at full speed to overcome those obstacles. For example, you can not jump over the gap at a low speed. However, high speed doesn't always help you. Sometimes you have to slow down and drive carefully. You have only one life and when you die, you revive at the latest checkpoint that you pass instead of the starting point like many games out there.

Don’t forget to do flips whenever you have a chance to earn more points. Break a leg and enjoy more games on our site such as Moto Bike Attack Race and FullSpeed Racing

Controls: WASD and Space to play.