Sweet Candy Saga GamePlay:

Sweet Candy Saga is a sweet and colorful match-3 puzzle game for those who have a sweet tooth. At friv com Games play you will solve the 90 puzzles full of candies in the normal mode and try to get the highest score as you can in the time trial mode. Puzzle games are always the best choice anyone who don’t want to spend a lot of time and effort to learn the rule of the game or want to relax, relieve stress after a busy day.

And this match-3 game is worth to play. Here, in the normal mode, you start with level 1. Each level requires you to collect some kinds of candies within a limited move. Try to finish the mission with the less move. The game will increase in the difficulty as you level up. You should stay focused on collecting the items that you must collect. Don’t wait your time on anything else.

On play free friv Games, while in the time trial mode, you will have a time bar. You will add extra time to this bar by matching more than 3 items of the same kind. It runs out quickly and you have to take action fast to eliminate the same candies to refill this bar and keep playing until you earn the highest score. This process can last endlessly as soon as you regularly add more time to it. 90 challenging and exciting stages, as well as a time trial mode, are waiting for you on our site. Apart from this game, you have other choices to play in your spare time such as Match Fruits and Donut Shooter

How to play: Click to match 3 times of the same type.