Table Tennis Pro GamePlay:

Now, it’s your chance to show off your sports skill in one of the most realistic and interesting tables tennis games at friv Games online. It’s Table Tennis Pro. Compete against other players come from all over the world and bring glory and victory to your country. Select your national flag and the matching system of the game will find you an opponent. Do you know the rule of table tennis?

Basically, you hit the ball over the net onto your opponent’s side and you earn a point if your opponent fails to return the ball towards your table. The winner is the player gets 11 points first. However, there must be a gap of at least two points between you and your opponent at the end of the game. If not, the match keeps continuing.

You should pass through the training process first if you don’t get used to the rule of this game. Training course helps you know more about how to play and horn your skill. Once you’re confident enough, you can enter the champions league or challenge yourself in PvP matches.

This game has simple control mechanism. You use your left mouse to hit the ball over the net onto your opponent’s side and move your paddle flexibly to catch the ball when it returns. Time your shot to win over your opponent. Learn your opponent’s strategy and apply a wise strategy to beat him or her. Good luck! Add more games into your favorite sports games with Maze and Big Big Baller.

How to play: Use your left click to control your table tennis racket.

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