Darts Pro GamePlay:

If you want to spice up all the parties, Dart is one of the best choices! By joining Darts Pro online game, you will be able to improve your ability and perfect any needed skill. Unlike the real dart game, this online version from Friv play is the skill game you are looking forward to with new challenges and more twists than a real game. There are many different modes such as the single player, AI mode and multiplayer mode.

If you want to test out your ability against the computer, AI mode is the best choice. However, for a good playtime with friends, choose the multiplayer mode instead. There will be a moving arrow which shows the direction and the force of the darts on the game screen. Your job is to aim very precisely, press the mouse and stop at the perfect timing to choose your desired direction and force.

The longer you keep your finger on the mouse, the higher the speed is. At the beginning of the game, it might be a little difficult for new players to control the keys. However, after a few practice rounds, you will get used to it in no time! Keep practicing to gain the highest scores and set your record at the top of the board. More challenges and fun games at parties are waiting for you in the games like Go Fish! and Smash Hit

Controls: Click and hold the mouse to aim and shoot a dart.

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