Tank Vs Tiles GamePlay:

Tank Vs Tiles is an absorbing game in Friv.land. Do you want to be a soldier controlling a tank and killing all rivals? It is worth taking risks and betting your life on Tank Vs Tiles game. Powerful shots will not let you down at friv uk. Be a member of our army and fight for your freedom. Improve shooting skill and speed.   
Tank Vs Tiles is ready for playing now. You will control a tank and shoot tiles. Your tank does not move. The position is fixed. You stand in front of tiles. Just spray tiles with bullets. Face them and protect yourself. You can shoot bullets as many as you want. The tiles attack you continuously. They are launched very fast. How dangerous they are! You have to shoot bombs quickly if you don’t want to lose your life on friv uk free game. The number on the tiles is the times you must shoot them. For example, to remove a tile with number 5, you need to use 5 shots. Fire bullets in the blink of an eye! When any tiles touch the tank, it will explode, and you lose your turn. The score is displayed on the screen. Fortunately, you may replay and start a new battle immediately.

The numbers on the tiles are different. The first tile has number 1, but the next one has number 12. It is important to shoot rapidly. The number of some tiles changes in friv uk player game. When you shoot them, the number even can increase from 1 to 11. It is really hazardous to face special tiles. You can be numb with terror if you are assaulted by them. Keep calm and shoot away all your ammunition. Much time!
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How to play:

Use the mouse to make shots.

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