Tank Trouble 2 GamePlay:

In the first version of Tank Trouble, you learned the technique to shoot down the opponent's tank as fast as possible. Now, with this second version, the players from Friv land can enjoy the fun multiplayer game with a twist. The tanks have been upgraded to shoot the bouncy bullets, which makes the fight much more interesting. The special feature of the game allows up to 4 players to combat in the same match at FRiv for shcool

All the players will appear randomly in a complex labyrinth. Each of the tanks can shoot bullets that will bounce against the walls of the labyrinth. You need to aim at the other enemies and shoot them down one by one. Keep in mind the bullets bounce off the walls. Therefore, if you fail to dodge, the bullets will hit your own tank. The best player will be able to come up with the smartest strategy to trick the enemies and make them move to your desired position.

Moreover, you can take advantage of the position and direction of the walls to push the bouncy bullets to the opponents. It's all about the ability to think wisely even in the most intense situation in this game. Prepare to experience great battles and new journeys by completing all the levels! Are you ready to join the fierce battle? Many multiplayer games are available on the website such as Bottle Shooter & Cartoon Tanks

How to play: move the tank using the arrows and use M key to shoot.

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